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Carla Maria Biography

Born in Berkeley, CA… I am a true Bay Area girl. Both of my parents are originally from the Philippines and moved here during college. My culture is very important to me, as are my relationships with my loved ones. I am very family oriented and value my family and friends above all else- without them I’d be lost. I love my parents very much, so proud of all they have accomplished and remain thankful for having them in my life. I am the eldest of 3 children, and unfortunately I don’t think I’m the best role model at times, but nobody’s perfect. I cannot express how important my family and friends are to me- siblings, parents, cousins, friends, etc. they are my biggest supporters…their love is the most significant element in my life.
I go to college full-time and hope to soon relocate to L.A. Although I am attending school as a psychology major…I have many goals and aspirations. I plan on pursuing a career in acting and look forward to doing more modeling. While my ambitions may or may not change, one thing I plan to do in the future is to raise a family and be the best mother and wife I can possibly be.

I am looking forward to discovering what the world has to offer me…as well as what I have to offer the world. I believe knowledge is power and will probably continue my education- even after settling down and having children of my own…but for now I definitely love taking some time to party and enjoy life!

I can’t remember when I started modeling, I believe I was 19 or so. Around that time I attended my first model show, and from there began making occasional appearances at various car shows. Though my school schedule has limited my availability for shows, I will be making a huge effort to make many more appearances. So far I absolutely love modeling, especially being able to make and meet fans. I was featured in the July 2004 issue of Modified Car Magazine, featured for, and was a cover model/feature model for the 1st issue of Raven’s Men’s Magazine ( I have also been featured on various websites and calendars.


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