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Gowri Mumjal Biography

Gowri Mumjal is a well-known actress and a model. While doing her first year Bachelors in Commerce, she casually participated in Miss Delhi University beauty pageant and surprisingly won the crown. Elated with the win she moved to Mumbai to try her hand in movies.

But a breeze of luck came down from the south. She auditioned for "Bunny" {2005} and got selected for a lead role in the movie - a boisterous kind of college girl, which she performed with ease. After "Bunny" became a super hit, this chirpy girl has acted in "Sri Krishna" and "Gopi - Goda meeda Pilli" {both released in 2006}. Gowri Mumjal has also acted in a Kannada film starring opposite Puneet Rajkumar and directed by Veerashankar.

Gowri Mumjal is possessed of strong moral convictions as far as movie career is concerned. She proudly declares saying, "I am against all those skin show flicks that are being hyped today. I would like to do films that my whole family and any other family can watch together. No sneaking away or peeking sons. I would never take up roles that demand that the size of my clothes keep decreasing."


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