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kaila yu Biography

Kaila was born on May 16th on a cold night in Taipei, Taiwan. She moved to California when she was three years old and grew up in the Sunshine State, California.

Kaila was lucky enough to recognize her talents as a performer at an early age. She enjoyed using her vivid imagination to entertain her family by putting on shows for them. Kaila also organized singing musicals and plays for the neighborhood with her cousins and the neighborhood children.

Career driven at such a young age along with the full support of her family, Kaila's parents kept her busy with piano classes, ballet lessons, tap dancing classes, Chinese folk dancing classes, cello lessons, speed contests, SAT classes and Chinese school. All of that and she still had time to participate in extracurricular activities in high school, was on swim team and the cross country team in high school.

Kaila was a confident kid but suddenly became shy when she skipped a grade in elementary school. Kaila was suddenly out of her element and became painfully shy. No longer a confident kid in school, she had few close friends and studied hard in all her classes. She became a nerd throughout junior high and into high school. Like many, high school was the least favorite part of her life. She was a nerd with no sense of style, was painfully shy, and had strict parents that never let her out.

The biggest change in her life came the second she graduated high school and went to attend college at UCSD. She originally majored in biology because she had an interest in becoming a plastic surgeon. She ended up with an economics degree because it was the closest thing to a business degree that UCLA has just to have a generic degree to fall back on. She never intends to use that degree. Its more of a backup plan incase her career didn't go though. For the first time in her life, she felt free and far away from her strict parents! She finally overcame her shyness and partied like crazy. She always had a desire to pursue a career in the entertainment business. She realized that she needed to be in Los Angeles to pursue modeling and singing so she immediately transferred to UCLA. It was hard breaking into the industry. Kaila met lots of shady characters and con artists along the way. Kaila, being a self motivated individual had to learn to build her website on her own by reading HTML for Dummies!! She eventually got her website up and running. She got noticed by the Import industry and Playboy Magazine and finally got to follow her dream. She gained popularity through modeling in import car shows and became a full time model, working the Import Car show scene and won the title of "Most Searched Import Model.". Kaila has been featured in several magazines including Import Tuner, Playboy, and FHM. Kaila has achieved everything that she hoped for in modeling, now her heart is completely focused on music now. She knows the road is going to be a lot tougher than the modeling industry but that's not enough to stop her from pursuing her dreams.

She has a site up dedicated to her music and released her first self-titled album, "Kaila" in 2003.

With her supermodel looks, Kaila would also seem that she wouldn't leave the house unless she looked like she just stepped off the pages of Vogue. However, she chooses not to view herself as a model. As a "triple-threat" model, actress, and singer, her work includes gracing the pages of Playboy, as well as being in fashion spreads and calendars like the "Pacific USA 2001 Calendar," and even releasing her own calendar in 2003. She's made appearances in such TV shows as "MTV's House if Style," and "The Man Show," and on major networks like E!, USA, Playboy TV. Kaila Yu can also be seen in music videos, international television and films, such as "Three Sisters" and "Toilet Stories."


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