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Kristanna Loken Biography

Kristanna Loken was born in 1979, and though she is unmistakably of Norwegian origin, she was raised on an organic fruit farm in upstate New York. Her father is a successful writer and the owner/operator of the Loken family's farm, while her mother, the ultimate inspiration for Kristanna, is a former Wilhelmina model.

During her childhood, Kristanna Loken was exposed to both public and private schools, and tried her hand at several activities including singing, acting and dancing lessons. Her work ethic and love for sports were honed early on; Loken was a stellar student and came to love horseback riding. In fact, she showcased her skills in equestrian events and has ridden across much of Hawaii, Ireland and Namibia, Africa.

Loken's career started out quite early. Thanks to the encouragement from her mother, she chose to pursue modeling in her teens and at 15 years old, placed third in the Elite Look of the Year contest in Ibiza, Spain. This exposure led to some modeling gigs as an Elite model.


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