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Puja Gupta Biography

Name : Puja Gupta
Birth Name : Puja Gupta
Sex : Female
Birth Date : September 19, 1988
Birth Place : New Delhi, India
Height : 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Nationality : Indian
Eye color : Brown
Hair color : Black
Profession : Model
Personal Aim : To be a successful communicator
Other Interests : Yoga, writing, horse riding, drawing
Claim to Fame : Miss India Universe 2007
Major Competition(s) : Miss India Universe 2007 (winner)
Miss Universe (top ten)

The stunningly beautiful, Puja Gupta has suddenly come into the spotlight by winning the Pantaloons Femina Miss India Universe in 2007 organized by Pantaloons, a clothing line and Femina, a renowned national women's magazine in India. She displayed her dazzling beauty in a brilliant manner like Venus amongst the shining stars. In the same breath, she participated in Miss Universe 2007 and found her niche among the top ten beauties hailing from different countries.

Puja Gupta is a multi faceted personality having diverse interests as passion. She is a passionate dreamer, who aspires to become a famous writer one day. Her other interests lie in drawing, traveling, meeting new people, interacting with them and learning their cultures. Interestingly these interests also provide a good writing material for her. She is also a fitness freak; Puja Gupta has been practicing yoga and horse riding to keep herself fit and healthy. Practicing yoga has also opened the doors of spirituality for her. She started looking at life from a different perspective - to treat the whole universe as one family and be a part of it.

Puja Gupta born some 20 summers ago in New Delhi is the youngest one in the family and is the darling child of her father. Unfortunately Puja lost her father when she just sixteen and both mother and daughter were shattered by the loss. In her father's death Puja learnt the lesson of her life – to lead an independent life and to look after herself and her mother.


PujaGupta said...

There are a number of errors in your biographical information about me.

Specifically these points:
Birth Date : January 20, 1984
Hair color : Brown

The same incorrect birth date is often used (I'm 23 not 19!) which makes me curious what source is being used. Though the picture you use was taken when I was 19. Its very old and not one of my best.


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