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Danielle Lloyd Bio

Danielle Lloyd (born 16 December 1983, Liverpool) is an English lingerie and glamour model, and former Miss England (2004).

She was stripped of her title of Miss Great Britain 2006 after posing for nude pictures featured in the December 2006 of Playboy magazine, and her tabloid alleged affair with one of the judges, her footballer boyfriend Teddy Sheringham. As a participant in the 2007 series of Celebrity Big Brother Lloyd, along with others used bullying tactics, and made allegedly racist comments, directed against the Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. According to reports from the News of the World, Sheringham has decided to split with Lloyd as a result of her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. Teddy and Danielle reconciled for a while after the controversy had died down, but they have now spilt again.

Lloyd was born in Penny Lane, Liverpool in 1983. Her parents, Jackie and Arthur Lloyd are a bank manager and an engineer, respectively. At the age of 3 months, Lloyd contracted whooping cough, resulting in damage to her lungs. This led her to developing asthma. She attended St Hilda's CoE High School for Girls where she achieved nine GCSEs and continued her studying A levels Biology and Chemistry. Lloyd was a keen on sports as a child, and competed nationally for the Sports Acrobatics Liverpool Team at the Centre of Excellence.

At age 16 Lloyd began modelling, frequently entering competitions in and around Liverpool. Upon finishing school, she decided to pursue a dual career in modelling; and trained as a beautician specialising in massage, and is also a qualified nail technician. However, just as she was beginning her modelling career, Lloyd was brutally attacked by her boyfriend of the time. She was dragged from her moving car after an argument with him, suffering terrible grazes and severe bruising to her body and losing most of her hair. Lloyd later said of the attack:

“Deep down you can’t forget what’s happened no matter how much counselling you have. You blame yourself and tell yourself you deserve it – I was given help when I most needed it and I want to be able to help others now. Too many women (1 in 4) suffer domestic violence at some time and support centres such as Women’s Aid aren’t able to answer all of the calls due to being under resourced. I'll always do all that I can to help raise awareness and help people. Being in a violent relationship, you are constantly living in fear – and that’s no way for anyone to live their life."

However the headmaster of Lloyd's old school, St Hilda’s, Chris Yates said: "There’s no recollection of her ever being persecuted and no teacher can ever recall any incidents where Danielle was bullied. In fact I’ve been led to believe by her former friends the opposite’s true." Lloyd once blagged a first-class flight to Dubai with good friend Sarah Harding - they fell out when Harding had fancied Sunderland bar and club owner Michael Brogan, and yet Lloyd who was with her, ended up going out with him


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