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Jolene Blalock Biography

Born and raised in San Diego, Blalock left home at 17 to model in Europe and Asia. Modeling brought her to Los Angeles in 1998 and after booking a few commercials she was encouraged to pursue acting.

Jolene is one of those rare actors that walks into a room and you know is a star. Her magnetism, along with the fact that this incredibly gorgeous Southern California native can truly act is giving her a chance that very few actors have - make a living doing what they love.
Her special skills and interests include: Tennis, surfing, ice skating, skateboarding, rollerblading, roller skating, kickboxing, Thai-boxing, photography, and snowboarding.

From what we've seen of Jolene Blalock from interviews, she is an animated and lively woman. Her obvious delight about what she is discussing is portrayed by her friendly eyes, beautiful smile and carefree attitude. She is someone fascinating to listen to, who comes across naturally on the camera. Talented, intelligent and attractive, Blalock has already captured the eye of many.

Blalock can currently be seen on the new Star Trek series Enterprise as Science Officer, Sub-Commander T'Pol, the austere yet sensual Vulcan. It was a role that she nearly passed up three times before reading the script. Blalock admits, "Had I passed on would've been the dumbest move of my life. Talk about regrets! I'm so fortunate to be chosen for this part."


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