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Camille Anderson Biography

Camille Anderson, remember that name. She’s already broken into the mainstream world of ultra-popular men’s magazines such as Loaded UK and US. She’s even conquered the ultra-competitive health magazine genre including Fitness Rx, American Health & Fitness and Self Defense for Women. Now, she’s taking over the entertainment world with her television and movie roles.

It doesn’t happen as often as you might think-that a model from the legitimate world of fashion and fitness magazines, successfully transitions into mainstream entertainment. But Camille Anderson is the exception to that rule.

"It’s true, up until now, modeling has been my bread and butter. And I am so thankful it has allowed me to pursue my ultimate passion, acting," says Camille with a sweet smile and slightly detectable southern accent.
Camille was recently seen in the October 2003 hit movie Intolerable Cruelty starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and George Clooney.

"It was such a thrill working with the Coen brothers on the set of Intolerable. They’re completely intense and they have so much creative energy. I didn’t want to leave the set!" declares Camille.

Next up for Camille Anderson is HBO’s Sketch Pad, in which she stars in some completely witty sketch comedy. The episodes are currently airing and the show is soon to be picked up as a regular series.

You can also catch her honing her stage skills in the Stuff Magazine sponsored play, Pieces (of Ass). Camille gives a strikingly honest performance about dating in L.A.

In addition, Anderson has extensive credits under her belt. She has guest-starred on Dharma & Greg, Diagnosis Murder, and Walker Texas Ranger to name a few.

Camille can also be seen in the thriller Psychotic and the ultra-funny comedy You’ll Never Weiz in This Town Again, directed by Pauly Shore and jam-packed with tons of celebrity cameos.

International covergirl and actress Camille Anderson has also parlayed her journalism background into landing the highly coveted position as guest host of E! Entertainment’s Wild On!. So far, she’s guest hosted Wild On! The Sunset Strip and Wild On! The Bahamas.

"I have a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. So, when I can put my interviewing skills to use, I’m ecstatic! Besides, it’s always fun to interview people when they’re in party mode," laughs the sunny, upbeat TV personality and burgeoning actress who prides herself with her Texas roots.

Camille was raised in Dallas, Texas where she thrived as an adolescent. She was an avid athlete, and scholar, always keeping herself busy with school, cheerleading, gymnastics, cross-country running, and leading a spiritual group for young teens.

"I have a down-to-earth attitude and a positive outlook on life," exclaims Camille. "I’m proud of who I am and I’m working as hard as possible to keep my career moving full force ahead. The future is definitely exciting!"

We couldn’t agree more. This Texas beauty has a glow from the inside. And things are happening at lightening speed. Anderson is propelling her career forward by remaining dedicated to her craft, spending many hours each week taking acting classes and private coachings as she explores the art’s many genres.

Next time you’re flipping channels on your television set, beware! Camille has appeared in multiple commercials.

"I had to learn some German for a Burger King commercial. Living in Texas, I was required to take Spanish classes, so this was quite a new experience," laughs Camille. "I’m so glad there was a dialect coach on set to help me sound authentic!"

In addition to seeing Camille on TV and on the big screen, you can catch her doing appearances for Xbox. She’s flown all over the United States, greeting thousands of fans and Xbox loyalists.

A consummate professional with dynamic talent, don’t be surprised when the name Camille Anderson becomes a household name.


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