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Isha Sharvani Biography

Isha Sharvani was born in 1985 in Kerala, India. Isha means Goddess and sharvani means Parvati, the consort of Lord Siva or Lord Nataraja, the God of all dance forms.Her mother, Daksha Seth is an Indian and a well-known dancer while her father Vissaro is an Australian and a composer.She started learning classical dance at the age of seven under the tutelage of her mother. She is also well trained in yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, kathak, ballet and other forms of dances. Under expert guidance from her mother, she has combined all these skills and created a unique style of dance.Over the last seven years she has performed in over 22 countries.It was these dancing skills that caught the attention of Subhash Ghai, noted filmmaker in Bollywood and he, through his office sent an email to her offering a role in his film Kisna opposite Vivek Oberoi.She dropped her ambition to become a veterinary doctor, because she is too sensitive to bear the thought of injecting an animal.


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