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Isla Fisher Biography

The Australian actress and former soap star has left the Australian out-back to enter the busy life of a Brit, by moving to London back in May 1997. Since arriving in Britian she has appeared in many magazines and TV programs while also attending drama school in Paris. Now if that wasn't enough she still finds the time to write, and she has had two top selling novels, where does her talent end. Recentley voted 24th sexist woman of 99 by leading men's magazine FHM and previously voted 11th in 1998, Isla has no problem in finding a man. But love hasn't come easy for Isla she's had countless number of boyfriends, the most recent two are Sir Evelyn De Rothschild ( a multi-millionaire recording producer ) and Darren Day ( actor and TV presenter ). To who she was going to be married to in late 1999. This ended shortly after the news of their engagement broke, like most of Darren's relationships.Isla's acting career is a story all of it's own, it all began in her childhood years with a deep inner passions for acting. Growing up in a family of four bothers and no other sisters was difficult, always being picked on by her older brothers, but this also gave her strength to fight for her dreams and her beliefs. Being the only girl in the family Isla grow very close to her mother who was a author and supported Isla in what ever she did and she would play a big part in Isla's writing career.

At the young age of just 9 years old Isla got her first break, she was to appear in a TV commercial. Although there wasn't any acting involved it was the start of bigger things to come. Soon after she would be in a few other commercials and a small Australian series called ''Bay City''.Now she had got herself an agent who would help her in landing larger contracts. It wasn't long before a producer gave her the chance she needed by offering her a part in ''Paradise Beach'' her acting talents started to shine through. When the series was over unknown to her she would go on to star in one of Australia's largest soapsIn 1994 she signed up to play the character 'Shannon Reed' for three years in the Australian soap ''Home & Away''. During the three short years she would lead her character from being an unheard of girl to a drop dead sexy red head with thousands tuning in every day.Whilist working on the set of Home & Away she also found the time to write with the help of her mother she would go on to release two best selling novels.


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