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Charity Hodges Biography

Charity Hodges was born in Tampa Bay, Florida on April 26, 1978. The world of pageantry became intimately connected with Charity Hodges' life at an early age, thanks to her mother, Nicole. Mom started showing off Charity Hodges in pageants as a baby and, as they bounced around between Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky, Charity Hodges continued to enter contests well into her teens, with a most interesting turn of events after her 18th birthday in 1996.

Having recently won Miss Sumner County, Tennessee in 1996, Charity Hodges enjoyed a top 10 finish in the Miss Tennessee Teen USA pageant. While the finish was impressive, the thing that inspired Charity Hodges the most was her participation in the swimsuit component. Since she had only done evening wear competitions, this added a new dimension to Charity Hodges' pageantry portfolio, and she decided to pursue swimsuit competitions from thereon. Charity Hodges' subsequent successes proved that she made the right choice.

charity hodges in miss hawaiian tropic and maxim
Between 1998 and 2004, Charity Hodges captured close to 30 bikini contest awards. Included were two top 10 finishes for Miss Venus Swimwear International Model Search, a win as Miss Cool World Venus and the crown for Miss Budweiser: Cotton Eyed Joe. Even more impressive was Charity Hodges' work with Hawaiian Tropic. Like Venus, Charity Hodges enjoyed top 10 finishes in the USA Finals and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Internationals, but she also won five competitions, including two for Miss Super Bowl in Florida. Charity Hodges enjoyed the contests because she got to mingle with other contestants and travel frequently.

Charity Hodges' modeling earnings gave her spending money and put her through school. Having started at the University of Tennessee, Charity earned a finance degree from the University of South Florida in 2004. The modeling offers continued to flood in and Charity Hodges was picked as a Hometown Hottie by Maxim, was featured in Stuff and was on the cover of the Miss Rio calendar. The Miss Rio recognition was especially rewarding since Charity Hodges won a cool $25K as Miss Rio Las Vegas.

charity hodges on two and a half men
Although she can still be seen at the occasional bikini competition, Charity Hodges has spent the last five years focusing on other forms of entertainment, starting with television and music. A bikini contest for Miss NOPI International helped her land a TV gig as host of the racing-themed NOPI Tunervision, and she was also on shows like ABC's Are You Hot and MTV's True Life. 2007 saw Charity Hodges get a speaking role as Amber for a guest appearance on Two and a Half Men.

Charity Hodges also has aspirations of being a rapper. She booked studio time and has recorded a set of demo tracks, which led to the release of her first single, “Some Nerve” through MySpace. At this point, Charity Hodges is still young enough to model, dedicated enough to continue on TV and ambitious enough to try to make it as a rapper. If she can pull off a successful triple-threat, the entertainment world will be eager to take notice.


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