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Jakki Degg Detailed Biography

Born in Stone, Staffordshire on Monday, 20th February, 1978 at 10.50 p.m.

From a very early age Jakki showed she had an artistic temperament and flair, began a dancing career at the age of 4, taking up ballet dancing. At 11 went on to disco and rock and roll competition dancing. Jakki reached Championship status in both categories at the age of 15.

Left school and went straight to college to train as a hairdresser. By the age of 20 was managing her own salon in Walsall. (Still keeps her hand in cutting and styling her mother and sisters hair on her rare visits home)

Hitting the club scene at 17/18, it became apparent to her from the male attention she always received that she should seriously look at her career options and decided to take a 'crack' at modelling.

Tried beauty competitions, but not only were they 'rigged' big time, but everyone was so bitchey!!

Persuaded by her mother, Jakki entered the Max Power Live Babe competition at the N.E.C. in Birmingham in 1999. She won and that is where her modelling career began.


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