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Preeta Rao Biography

Preeta Rao is an Indian Model. She has a Hindu name which means “ Love”

and can be also spelt as Prita Rao.

Preeta hails form the Chitrapur Saraswat Bhramin Community . Her roots can be traced to Mangalore.

Born and Educated in Mumbai Preeta Graduated from Sophia College Majoring in History.

Preeta Rao also studied “Advertising” in College and was a topper in her class.

Preeta Rao is the beautiful sister of Bollywood Star Amrita Rao.

Interestingly Preeta turned a Vegetarian in school

Preeta Rao'sCareer :

Preeta’s career in Modeling took off when she was selected in an Audition from over 200girls in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi for the Cadburys Dairy Milk Tv Commercial opposite the Bollywood Super Star Amitabh Bachchan.

Preeta Rao later got several movie offers from Bollywood after she got noticed in the Anchorgel Tooth paste and the Cadburys New 5-star Crunchy Advertisements but declared that she dose not intend joining Bollywood.

Preeta Rao’s Beauty and Talent made her one of the most sort after faces in the Ad- World.

In the span of 3years Preeta Rao has endorsed over 60brands all over India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on her own merit.


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