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Helena Paparizou Biography

Elena Paparizou (Greek: Έλενα Παπαρίζου; born January 31, 1982) is a Greek singer, born and raised in Sweden. She is best known for winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 for Greece with the song My Number One.

Elena Paparizou was born on January 31, 1982 in Borås, Västergötland, Sweden, to Greek immigrant parents Georgios and Efrosini Paparizou and was raised in Örgryte, Gothenburg. Her father is from Volos and mother is from Karditsa. She has a sister Rita and brother Dinos. Paparizou's artistic talents and eagerness to excel became apparent very early, and she was soon involved in singing, dancing and acting-training in combination with her academic studies at school.

Her success brought her to the Fever nightclub for the winter season 2004-2005 alongside Sakis Rouvas.

On May 20, 2006, Elena graced the stage of Eurovision once more, to sing her song My Number One as the opening act. She later on sang Mambo!, and then presented the award to the winners Lordi. During a press interview there, she said that people should expect to hear a lot of Mambo! and Gigolo in English over the summer, as she tries to pursue her international career. Paparizou has already released Mambo! in Sweden on a two track CD single peaking at number 5 on the charts. Sweden is the first of many countries in which Paparizou will be releasing Mambo!. The other countries in which Elena Paparizou plans to release Mambo! are: Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, and Spain. Other records companies in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, China, United States, Canada, South Africa, and Australia will also promote the song. The Scandinavian promotion of the song will be from Bonnier Music. To gear up for the worldwide release of Mambo!, Elena has filmed a new video targeted for a more international audience.

On 22 August, My Number One was released in the United States by Moda Records. The CD single contains 10 mixes and the radio edit. Mambo! will be released there later on in the year along with remixes.

The song The Game of Love has gained critical success, striking great interest from Greek pop music critic, Benita Ong. Gigolo was the second single to be released from the album after Mambo!. The video for the song premiered in Greece in mixed Greek and English, and there may be a fully English version of the video followed for other markets.

It was also recently revealed that Paparizou has recorded a song called Fos for the soundtrack of the Greek Barbie movie. There is now a video for this song.

Starting in early 2007, Elena singed a contract to be the new face of Nokia Greece for 2007.Elena Paparizou's repackaged Yparhi Logos: Platinum Edition

On January 21, 2007 Elena was awarded a European Border Breaker Award in Cannes, France. She was one of the ten new artists who received the Award which were created by the European Union four years ago and are given every year to ten artists who manage to have success with their first album abroad. Elena won the award for her success with her first solo album Proteraiotita: Euro-Edition.The awards took place in Cannes on 21st January 2007 during the Midem Festival and were televised by MTV Europe.

Her international album The Game of Love will also be repackaged for the French market this winter as she will start promoting her album in Europe. The repackaged version will feature Le Temps Des Fleurs by Dalida. It will be her first release in France. There are also plans to release it in Belgium and Canada. More promotion will follow around the world after that.

She is also nominated for 4 awards for "Cyprus Music Awards". They include "Best Female Singer","Album of the year", "Greek Album Sales" and "International Album Sales"

Elena has released a new song “3 is a magic number” in Sweden. Originally a hit from Blind Melon back in 1996. Elena appeared on a swedish television advertisement for a mobile phone and for this purpose she released the song as a digital single. The song immediately entered the charts in Sweden and stayed in the there for 5 weeks peaking at number 18 getting more than 180,000 downloads.

Greek Media has recently suggested that Elena will take a break from her career to get married and start a family. This was further sparked by an interview in a recent issue of the Greek magazine Celebrity. When asked about family, Elena was quoted as saying "I believe that family is the most natural thing, the thing I want in my life. And what is my preference? To not have kids so I can continue my career? One day it will end. I can not be on stage everyday, like I am now at 25.".

Elena Paparizou on the other hand, was born in Sweden where the name's version 'Helena' exists, and one could presume with little uncertainty that many Swedes transliterated her name as 'Helena'. That is to say, Paparizou's name is Elena, but has been misspelled 'Helena'. Even though many Swedes misspell it, her official name has been registered by Swedish authorities as 'Elena', which has also been used by her and previously by media in Sweden.


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