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Kara Monaco Biography

Kara Monaco was born February 26, 1983, in Lakeland, Florida. Raised in Orlando, she developed several dedicated interests that would not only enhance her shapely figure, but would also foster her lifelong appreciation for good health and physical activity. With the full support of her parents behind her, Monaco started strong and has never looked back.

kara monaco at walt disney world
Although regular exercise at the gym wasn't very high on her "fun list" (and still isn't to this day), Kara gained a strong passion for gymnastics and competed professionally during her formative years. As she was developing her expertise on the gym mat, she took on a second hobby of dancing. Kara was equally gifted in this area and before long, she was coaching dance teams and not just performing.

As a young woman, Kara decided to stay nimble on her feet and joined Walt Disney World as a featured performer in numerous parades and theme shows. Her striking beauty and dancing experience made her a natural choice to play high-profile characters like Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland. Because she liked interacting with children, Kara enjoyed Alice in Wonderland the most. Although she performed for four years at Walt Disney World, she had yet to make a larger name for herself. Her next move would take her out of the costumes and into the pages of Playboy.

kara monaco the playboy bartender
Not content to just work for Walt Disney World, Kara also tried other jobs along the way. One of them was modeling, which quickly became another new interest. Starting off with swimwear and lingerie catalogs, she was soon featured in FHM and Men's Fitness, but Kara was hungry for more. The launching pad for bigger and brighter things came from an unlikely place… her bartending job.

Bartending had been a fun diversion for Kara, but she certainly didn't think it would mix with modeling, until Playboy was looking to spotlight sexy bartenders in 2004. Much to her surprise, Kara was chosen as the Sexiest Bartender of 2004 by the magazine and her modeling career got the jump-start that it needed. The following year, she was the June Playmate of the Month. Just when things couldn't get better, they did. Kara was selected as the 2006 Playmate of the Year, an honor that had never previously been given to a former Miss June. With bragging rights as the Playmate of the Year, Kara continued her business relationship with Playboy in the Playmates at Play calendar. Now that she had reached a pinnacle in the world of adult modeling, Kara's next challenge was finding the right way to build on her accomplishments.

kara monaco in envy
Since conquering Playboy, Kara has split her time between her passions and her entertainment career, combining both whenever and wherever possible.

Still a dedicated health nut, she joined forces with fellow models C.J. Gibson, Brittany Lee and Martina Andrews for the fitness video, Envy. With physical activity being so important to her, it would only seem natural for Kara to release more videos in the future, but she is also exploring new outdoor activities. In addition to regular hiking treks, her interest in wakeboarding has led her to pursue a spot on the Professional Wakeboarding Tour.

kara monaco on the girls next door
When she's not busy staying in shape, Kara has taken on a number of small acting roles, all of them on television. She has guest-starred twice on the soap Passions, once on CSI: Miami, and she even appeared in the TV pilot, Sideliners, about a group of professional cheerleaders. Although the series wasn't picked up, it was a chance for her to rub elbows with established actors like Judd Nelson and even football legend Jim Brown. Kara also poked fun at her own image on the game show Identity and starred in the music video "Stayin' Home Again" from Willie Wisely. One of her personal highlights was an appearance on her favorite show, The Girls Next Door, alongside Hef's main girls Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, a reality series about Playboy models living together. It's clear that the camera loves her, but making the shift from model to actress will be the ultimate test.

Whether it's more entertainment or more exercise that she chooses next, Kara has the beauty, the brains and the ambition to do it well. All that and she loves it, too. It's this kind of fresh enthusiasm that makes people proud to cheer her on.


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