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Manuela Arcuri Biography

Born on January 8, 1977, in Latina, Italy, Emmanuela Arcuri grew up in a loving, supportive household. As a result, when Manuela (as she was affectionately called) announced her goals of becoming a model/actress as a young teenager, her parents did not flinch and were behind her all the way.
manuela arcuri the model

With moral support such as this, Arcuri was highly motivated and determined to "make it" in the fashion industry. Thanks to her natural beauty, it was not difficult to find an agent and management team to support her already burgeoning career. Soon, Arcuri was posing sexily for several Italian fashion outfits.

manuela arcuri becomes an actress

Though modeling for print ads could have become an easy source of income, Arcuri's true passion had always been acting. Through her modeling contacts, she was able to nudge her way into Italy's film industry and, in 1995, she made her debut in I Buchi neri and I Laureati, billed in English as Black Holes and Graduates, respectively. Arcuri's roles were not significant, but they gave her enough of a taste for the industry that she decided to pursue an acting career at full throttle.

The results of her hard work were locally-recognized late '90s films such as Gratta e vinci, Finalmente soli, Bagnomaria, and the TV series Disokkupati. The more experienced Arcuri became, the more responsibility she was given in front of the camera. As a result, as the year 2000 came and went, this beautiful actress received a great many significant roles, starting with one of the leads in Teste di cocco (Coconut Heads) in 2000.

manuela arcuri in mad love

Thanks to Arcuri's lighthearted approach to the craft, the films she starred in were mostly comedies. Italian audiences were thus quick to warm up to Manuela Arcuri, a woman who had already wooed many thanks to her stunning figure and angelic face. When Arcuri followed Teste di cocco with A ruota libera (Freewheeling) in 2000 and Juana la Loca (Mad Love) in 2001, her star status was quickly elevated.

Despite her experience in film, it turned out to be a TV series that finally put Arcuri over the top in terms of celebrity in Italy. Her role as Paola Vitali in the series Carabinieri in 2002 was hailed as a great achievement and the show itself became widely popular. Riding this wave of positive press, Arcuri then signed on as a presenter for Italy's popular annual televised music festival, Festival di Sanremo.

manuela arcuri dates francesco totti

Tabloid magazines then began to focus more and more on Arcuri, and when she began dating popular soccer star Francesco Totti, it was headline news. It was hard to concentrate on the actions of this new couple, however, since Arcuri began seductively posing for such magazines as Gente, Eva, Star TV, Dipi, and Chi. Aside from these popular Italian mags, Arcuri also put in time with GQ's Italian photographers.

manuela arcuri on tv and film

With this dominance of Italian celebrity news, it was no wonder that Arcuri's subsequent works were huge successes. The list includes Cosa de brujas, a Spanish action/comedy film released in 2003, and two TV projects in 2005, Regina dei fiori and Carabinieri sotto copertura (in which she also played Paola Vitali).

Thanks to her talents in both modeling and acting, those with a close eye on the Italian celebrity scene are sure to love Arcuri's work for some time to come. Those fans of hers who do not speak Italian will have to wait until she makes her American debut, something that is likely to occur in the near future.


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