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Mia Maestro Biography

Born and raised in Argentina, Mia Maestro became keenly aware of her innate talent for performance at an early age. Consequently, she spent much of her childhood and adolescence ensconced in the local acting scene, and -- at the age of 18 -- she moved to Berlin to continue her training. It was there that she picked up the techniques that she still uses today. And in 1998, Mia made her professional debut in an Argentinean film called Tango. She followed that up with appearances in a series of independent projects, including The Venice Project in 1999 (which, despite a cast that includes Dennis Hopper and Parker Posey, remains unreleased in North America), 2000’s Timecode (with Salma Hayek and Kyle MacLachlan), and 2001’s Hotel (co-starring David Schwimmer and Lucy Liu).

Mia started to gain international attention in 2001, after she managed to secure a place for herself on the 100 Sexiest Women lists of both Stuff and Maxim magazines. After appearing in such critically acclaimed films as Frida (2002) alongside Diego Luna and Ashley Judd, and The Motorcycle Diaries (2004), Mia landed her highest-profile role to date in 2004, when she was added to the cast of the Jennifer Garner series Alias.

Mia's film career has certainly benefited from the increased exposure, as Mia took on a key role in 2006’s big-budget Poseidon update costarring Josh Lucas, Jacinda Barrett and Richard Dreyfuss, and currently has four more movies awaiting release (including a comedy starring Judy Greer called Visioneers, and the Gabrielle Union thriller The Box


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