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Rachel Stevens Biography

Rachel was born April 1978, in Great Britain. She is a North London native and a performing member of S Club 7. Formerly a model, Rachel has always been a singer and actress, and originally decided to pursue a career in fashion design. Since all S Club 7 members had singing and acting experience, an innovative marketing concept was created to exploit their talents. A TV show that would display their bubbliness, pop sound and youthful energy, was created. This TV show that was used as a platform to promote their records.

The group S Club 7 was organized by former "Spice Girls" manager Simon Fuller, who seems to have a knack for building pop wonders from obscurity. The group came together from over 10,000 candidates, and the smartest thing they have done since the band was formed was hand over business & creative control to their manager, Simon Fuller. This has been worth millions. Rachel has gone from winning a modeling contest, to a celebrity star in only a very short time. Rachel is known as the "Fashion Addict" and has always been interested in fashion. She attended the London school of Fashion where she received her degree. She also attended a drama school, where she studied singing, dance, and acting.

As for talent, the girls are pros. And Rachel, a former model who has acting and singing experience, performs a very sexy role. Rachel does her best to make sure that there are more than just 15-year-old boys tuning in to see her shows. It's no doubt that Rachel and the club of 7 hasn't seen the end of her success. Rachel is a major shopaholic, and yet is softly spoken, and very trustworthy. She enjoys games like football, yet also enjoys the smell of freshly baked bread, R&B music, Matthew McConaughey, EastEnders, and her wonderful dog, Rocky.


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