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Sarah Harding Biography

Sarah Nicole Hardman was born on November 17, 1981, in Manchester, England. Sarah Harding enjoyed a typical childhood in which she discovered her passion for music early on, as the first album she bought (Michael Jackson’s Bad) gave her a love for pop that continues to this day. After attending Hazel Grove High School and Stockport College, Sarah Harding started attending karaoke night at a nearby pub on a regular basis, which allowed her to both hone her vocals and make connections within the local music scene.

Sarah Harding’s tenacity paid off, as she was asked to sing backup vocals for a struggling band called Project G. Though she participated in photo shoots for the band’s promotional materials, Sarah Harding realized that Project G was doomed for obscurity. In the years since, however, a few tracks from the band have been leaked onto the internet, including “Don’t Wanna Be Alone” and “Searching.”

sarah harding competes in popstars: the rivals
Sarah Harding was working as a barmaid when she learned of an opportunity to audition for the second season of the reality show Popstars, which had previously produced the hugely successful pop group Hear’Say (whose band members include, among others, Myleene Klass and Kym Marsh). It was also around that time that Sarah Harding entered FHM magazine’s annual High Street Honeys competition, though she was forced to drop out due to her success on Popstars.

Sarah Harding effortlessly navigated her way through the treacherous waters of Popstars and she made it to the final 10 contestants. In accordance with the premise of the show, Sarah Harding found herself working alongside four females in a dogged effort to beat out the all-male band One True Voice. Sarah Harding, with bandmates Cheryl Tweedy (Cole), Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle, and Kimberley Walsh, settled on the name Girls Aloud for the group, and the five women immediately started working on their first single.

girls aloud releases sound of the underground
In December of 2002, Girls Aloud emerged with their debut single “Sound of the Underground,” which went on to sell half a million copies in the United Kingdom and cemented the band’s victory over rivals One True Voice. Buoyed by the success of the chart-topping song, Sarah Harding and her cohorts immediately hit the studio to cut their debut album. Entitled Sound of the Underground, the disc soared to No. 2 (behind Justin Timberlake’s Justified) in its first week of release and spawned four hit singles (including “No Good Advice” and “Life Got Cold”).

The disc was so successful, in fact, that Sarah Harding and the girls immediately got to work on a follow-up effort, which was titled What Will the Neighbours Say? Girls Aloud subsequently embarked on their first tour, and it wasn’t long before their burgeoning fame had led to recognition from their peers within the industry. In addition to a nomination for Best Pop Act from the BRIT Awards, Girls Aloud was also honored with Glamour magazine’s annual Band of the Year award.

sarah harding models for ultimo
Given the incredible success of Girls Aloud, Sarah Harding soon found herself receiving the kind of opportunities most aspiring performers would kill for. Her first taste of success outside of Girls Aloud came when Ultimo offered her a contract to model their line of lingerie, and she found herself following in the footsteps of such well-known names as Rachel Hunter and Helena Christensen. Sarah Harding was also hired to become the face of Coca-Cola Zero in Ireland, and, along with her Girls Aloud cohorts, she appears in advertisements for Sunsilk hair products.


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