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Abhinayasri Biography

Abhinayasri born on November 1st, 1973 in Trivandrum, Kerala is an upcoming actress who won prestigious Nandi award in 2006 for her best performance as comedienne in "Paisalo Paramathma".

The buxom beauty Abhinayasri was born to Anuradha, an ex-actress and an item girl in Tollywood who appeared in over 700 movies in various roles including item numbers. Abhinayasri began her Tollywood journey with an item number, 'Aaa.. Ante.. Amalapuram' in a Telugu movie "Arya" starring Allu Arjun. The song became one of the biggest hits in the industry and sexy Abhinayasri landed several movie roles and item numbers in Tollywood. She acted in "SMS', "Venkat Tho Alivelu", "Hari Om" besides several other movies. The hot belle Abhinayasri has also donned the role of a heroine in "Hungama" starring super comedians Ali and Venu Madhav.

Besides doing heroine-oriented roles, item numbers, comedy characters, the hot beauty Abhinayasri said that she is ready to don vamp characters too in movies like her mother Anuradha and her idol sexy Silk Smitha. Abhinayasri said, "I don't want to let go off any opportunity. I am ready to do the role of a vamp too if required as acting is my profession. I will try doing justice to any role that’s offered to me." Even at thirty-five the buxom beauty Abhinayasri is still stirring erotic passions in men and youngsters alike. With each passing year sex-bomb Abhinayasri seems to be getting younger and younger.


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