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Alessia Ventura Biography

Alessia Ventura was raised in Turin, Italy -- the birthplace of other well-known beauties like Carla Bruni. Alessia developed early interests in soccer and modern dance. As she matured, so did her beauty and at age 15, she started a new life as a model. Alessia's early foray into modeling offered a brand new experience and she developed her portfolio through photo shoots, runway work and competitions. At 16, she added television to her resume as a showgirl, performing on her own but also singing and dancing in groups. Her stage comfort and camera-friendly looks gave her confidence that entertainment could become a full-time career. Nevertheless, she simultaneously completed a diploma in business.

In 1999, Alessia got a big break at age 19 when she joined the Italian version of The Price is Right. She kept this high-profile gig for two years before trying her hand at soap operas with a role on Cento vetrine. One of her biggest TV successes came soon after as a "letterina" on another Italian game show, Passaparola (Password).

While she may not have been as well-recognized as fellow Italian hostess Giada De Laurentiis, Alessia's name became big enough to win her a spot on Italy's variation of The Mole alongside one of her fellow letterinas, Fabiani Alexia. In the years following, Alessia has maintained a healthy TV career as a cohost of SKY Cine News and as a live performer on the comedy series Sputnik.


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