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Anne Hathaway Biography

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway was born on November 12, 1982, in Brooklyn, New York. Anne was raised within a well-to-do household along with two siblings, and it was her mother -- a stage actress -- who initially sparked her interest in performing. Growing up in New Jersey, Anne Hathaway spent much of her spare time perfecting her abilities as an actress. To that end, Anne became a permanent fixture within many of her high school’s amateur productions, and she even managed to land a spot in the Barrow Group Theater Company's acting program (the first time a teenager was admitted).

anne hathaway in the princess diaries
Anne Hathaway established herself as an exceedingly talented musical performer, and there’s little doubt that the pinnacle of her singing career came when she performed at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall. Anne Hathaway’s passion for acting won out, however, and she landed her first professional gig just a few days after her Carnegie Hall appearance. Get Real was a short-lived 1999 FOX comedy in which Anne Hathaway played a recurring character over four episodes, alongside such now-familiar faces as Mila Kunis, Taryn Manning and Christina Milian. The demise of the series proved to be a boon for Anne Hathaway, as she was subsequently cast as Mia Thermopolis in a new Disney comedy entitled The Princess Diaries. The film, released in 2001, became an instant hit at the box office, and essentially transformed Anne Hathaway into an overnight superstar.

anne hathaway in ella enchanted
Anne Hathaway’s next few projects only cemented her burgeoning reputation as a family-friendly performer, following 2001’s period drama The Other Side of Heaven and 2002’s Charles Dickens’ adaptation Nicholas Nickleby. Though she longed to try her hand at edgier material, Anne Hathaway’s 2004 output ensured the satisfaction of her many pre-teen fans. Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement were as financially lucrative as one might have anticipated, though the critics were starting to wonder if Anne Hathaway possessed the talent to step into the shoes of a more risque sort of character.

anne hathaway in brokeback mountain
Anne Hathaway silenced her detractors with a vengeance after she agreed to appear in the R-rated 2005 drama Havoc, in which she played a rebellious teen who spends much of the movie in various states of undress. That same year, Anne Hathaway starred opposite Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in the controversial western Brokeback Mountain (which went on to garner eight Academy Award nominations). Anne Hathaway’s desire to find a starring role that straddled the line between family-friendly and adult-oriented material was answered in 2006 when she took on the part of Andy Sachs in the sleeper smash The Devil Wears Prada.

In 2008, she appeared in the flick Get Smart as well as Passengers and the comedy Rachel Getting Married. She also became the new face of Lancome.

Her four-year relationship to businessman Raffaello Follieri also came to an end after he was involved in yet another scandal involving fraud.

In 2009, she was in Bride Wars with Kate Hudson.


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