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Astrid Munoz Biography

Astrid Munoz was born in 1974 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has two younger siblings, and was raised by very traditional and strict parents (her father is a nuclear engineer). Munoz has been beautiful her whole life, and as such, her mom and dad spent most of their energy keeping the boys away. Chaperones were enlisted to tag along with her on dates, and she was saddled with a firm curfew that was not to be broken.

At the age of 14, Munoz was approached by a representative for a modeling studio based in Spain and was offered the chance to work there as a full-fledged model. Her protective parents immediately turned down that offer, forcing Munoz to continue with her education and delay any potential modeling gigs until she was several years older.

astrid munoz's big break

As expected, as soon as she was allowed by her folks, Astrid Munoz decided to take a stab at a modeling career. Munoz spent several years establishing herself as a familiar face to casting directors and modeling agencies, until a modeling agent suggested that she move to France. Shortly after, she broke through into the big time -- landing magazine covers and prestigious ad spots as well as an invitation to sign with the Elite Modeling Agency.

astrid munoz the supermodel

Munoz spent the next several years working in France as an in-demand model, taking jobs at fashion shows for companies like Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren. In 2001, Munoz relocated to her current home, New York City, where she signed with Next Modeling Agency.

Though it may seem like Munoz ascended through the modeling ranks quickly, it's been over a decade since she first got into the business. The disciplined work ethic that was ingrained in her by her parents has served her well over the years, and Munoz is clearly one of the few women who walk the catwalk that could actually be considered a role model for younger girls.

When she's not working, Munoz enjoys rock climbing, cooking and amateur photography. Could a professional stint behind the camera be far off for Astrid Munoz?


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