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Kelly Hu Biography

Miss Teen USA is Hawaii's Kelly Hu!!!"--Those were the magic words that set Kelly Hu on the course of success. A blend of Chinese, English and Hawaiian ancestry was born in Honolulu on February 13, 1968. After graduating from Kamehameha High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kelly pursued a career in acting and modelling. She spent 4 successful months in Japan as a model, where she was able to put here 2 years of Japanese language studies to work.

Kelly landed her first acting job starring opposite Kirk Cameron in the season premier of "Growing Pains." This was the break she's been preparing for which lead her to Los Angeles to further her acting career. Kelly had instantly become a working actress. The writers of "Growing Pains" wrote her a follow up episode to their season premier. She was doing just what she had always dreamt about, she was both a successful model and actress in L.A. But just when things were looking up they get even better. Kelly landed a role in Oliver Stone's, "The Doors" where she played the featured role of Ray Manzarek's wife Dorothy and had the honor of working for 3 1/2 months with some of the best cast and crew in the industry. Since then, Kelly's resume has over flowed with flying colors from film, television and commercial credits.

Her film credits include, "Scorpion King", "Fakin 'D Funk", "Strange Days", "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man" "The Doors", "Surf Ninjas", "Friday the 13th" ; television credits, "No Way Back" (TV Movie), "Mr.and Mrs. Smith", "One West Waikiki", "The Sentinel", "Murder One", "Family Ties" "Pacific Blue", "The Young and The Restless", "Melrose Place", "Renegade", "21 Jump Street", "American Eyes", "Raven", "One West Waikiki", "Sunset Beach", "Nash Bridges" and much more! Commercial credits includes, Mary Kay Cosmetics ,Thrifty Rental, Ricoh Cameras, Ivory Soap, Dole Pineapple, Ross's, JC Penney, Vidal Sasoon, Philadelphia Cream Cheese (Milan), Jack In The Box, Bud Light to name a few. You may have been lucky to catch some of her interviews on Fox News Entertainment, The VIBE and Regis and Kathy Lee Show.

Most recent television series:, Kelly played Grace on CBS's "Martial Law" and played Dr. Rae Chang on NBC's "Sunset Beach" then landed a role on CBS's "Nash Bridges."


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