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Lisa Dergan Biography

Lisa Dergan was born August 10, 1970, in Corpus Christi, Texas. She moved to Hawaii with her family before finally settling down in San Diego.

Raised in a close-knit and supportive family, Lisa always tried to imitate her older sister, until her mother encouraged her to try golf. Lisa took up the sport at the age of 12, and has been an avid golfer ever since.

lisa's up to par

Keeping her interests broad while in high school, Lisa was an active student as a cheerleader, school paper contributor and homecoming nominee.

Voted "Most Irresistible" and "Class Flirt," Lisa left her pompoms behind and furthered her education at San Diego State University. With a bachelor's degree in the arts and a major in interior design, fate took its course for Lisa in her junior year at college. She was approached by a scout on campus who wanted her to consider a modeling career.

Although she ultimately chose the modeling path, Lisa worked as an interior decorator for the restaurant chain, Chili's (where she had been a waitress), while in University. She ended up decorating the chain's western region restaurants, quite a feat for a mere sophomore student.

Lisa was also a member of a sorority, and between studying and working for Chili's, it was difficult to balance both. She finally chose school as her full-time career -- that is, until modeling came along...

After the scout approached her in her junior year, she accepted and got straight to work. While modeling, Lisa was introduced to another agency, which then led to her work with Wilhelmina in Los Angeles. Lisa spent the remainder of her University years studying and modeling on her off days. Since modeling required lots of traveling, Lisa managed to do both by incorporating her travels into her school studies.

from putter to playmate

Once she gradated -- with top marks to boot -- Lisa went to Los Angeles and her modeling career was going at full speed. What else do you call it when you have a potential date with Play.boy?

Lisa was working on the magazine to pose for its "What Sort of Man Reads Play.boy" ads, and they eventually wanted her to model as a centerfold. She decided to go ahead with it after some decision-making, and while she was working for Hugh Hefner's mag, she got the call that she was chosen as a Play.mate.

The decision has changed her life, and suffice it to say that she was happy about the coveted title of "Miss July 1998". She has since appeared in the Play.mate Pajama Party and the Play.boy Video Centerfold: Play.mate of the Year Heather Kozar in 1999, as well as the Play.boy Video Playmate Calendar 2000 and California Girls.


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