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Mumait Khan Biography

Mumait Khan is the uncrowned Bollywood Dancing Queen. It is believed that her item numbers are more popular than the movies themselves. Despite her conservative Muslim background Mumait had to come out into the open and hit the limelight. She suffered extreme poverty and deprivation during childhood. “None of our relatives helped us,” Mumait Khan admits candidly. “On Id we would stand in our courtyard, thinking, Koi to Idi dega, but it never happened.” But all was not lost to this gutsy gal.

She is more of a family girl, her “Daddy’s Angel” and “Mommy’s Boy”. When her father lost his job, the burden of running the family fell on her tender shoulders. At the age of fifteen Mumait Khan joined choreographer Remo's troupe as a background dancer for a paltry sum of Rs.1500, which was indeed a precious sum to her family in their difficult times?

When Mumait Khan was seventeen, luck smiled on her. She beat dozens of models and floored the casting couch of "Munnabhai MBBS" with her talents and eventually bagged the item number in the movie, in which she performed in a song sequence 'Dekh le' and came to be known as a 'Dekh le girl' in the entire film industry.

After the success of "Munnabhai MBBS" the film industry even down south was dancing around her, eager to sign her in their movies. Till date Mumait Khan acted in ten films including "Chocolate", "No Time for Love" and "Dil Jo Bhi Kahey..." and others including two of them in Telugu, "Chatrapathi" and "Pokiri ". Mumait Khan reportedly charges Rs.1.5 lakhs per song.

Mumait Khan - Puts her foot down and says no for Mallika kind of acting

It is reported that on three occasions Mumait Khan flatly refused to do 'Mallika Sherawat' kind of acting, when producers insisted saying, “Thoda sa Mallika Sherawat kind acting karna padega,” she claims to have replied: “Maaf kar do bhaiya, abhi to main bold hi nahin hoon.”

Mumait Khan goes International

Mumait Khan was also signed by Universal to feature in their music video with famous pop star Enrique Iglesias.


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