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Nikki Nova Biography

Nikki Nova (born January 5, 1972 in Hampton, Virginia) is an adult model and actress. She has been featured on Showtime, Cinemax, HBO, MTV, BET, E! and other pay-per-view specials.

She started out as an exotic dancer. She has appeared on the cover of magazines such as Playboy's Book of Lingerie, Penthouse Magazine, Club, High Society and Swank.

While appearing in most of the major adult men's magazines, Nova has chosen to confine her adult work to "soft-core" photo shoots, R-rated movies and cable programs, steering clear of "hard-core" pornographic ventures. She has, however, made several foot fetish films with foot-related oral action. Most of her foot fetish films were made for FM Concepts.

In 2003, she became co-host (along with adult film star Crystal Knight) of the Playboy channel program Night Calls: 411, a more urban "hip hop" version of the long running adult cable hit Night Calls. Nova would remain co-host until the show's demise in May 2005.

On November 4, 2005, Nova was seriously injured after falling from a horse during a photo shoot. She suffered some head trauma, and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a Scottsdale, Arizona hospital for a week. She had no health insurance, so her webmaster set up the web site to gather donations.[4] She has since made a full recovery and is back to work full time.


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