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Rebecca Loos Biography

Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1978, Rebecca Loos is of Dutch (paternal) and English (maternal) descent. Her father, a diplomat, and mother raised her in Spain until she was old enough to venture out and tour the rest of Europe on her own.

david beckham hires rebecca loos

On June 17, 2003, British soccer star David Beckham signed a four-year contract with Spanish powerhouse team Real Madrid, thus ending his long relationship honeymoon with Manchester United of the English Premier League.

The Beckham family needed help moving and settling into his new country -- initially, his wife Victoria and children were to remain behind in the United Kingdom. Beckham's management company, SFX, sought out a young, capable woman who could take on the role of personal assistant during this transition period. Rebecca was hired for the position and she immediately began getting the Brit sports icon established and comfortable in Madrid.

As the story goes, Beckham and Loos worked closely together for some time and then became intimate. When Rebecca revealed the sordid details to the News of the World tabloid in April of 2004, she explained that theirs was a whirlwind four-month affair that included sexy text messages (which were later published).

beckham and rebecca loos exposed

As soon as word of this mega-story broke, Rebecca Loos became a household name. Given her lover's unparalleled celebrity status in the U.K., this potentially image-tarnishing news was gold to the famous British tabloids. Rebecca added fuel to the fire by divulging sensitive information about Beckham's celebrity wife Victoria before conveniently slipping another admission to the media hounds that made them even hungrier: the confession that she was a bisexual.

Rebecca capitalized on the sudden attention. First, she did a high-profile interview on British television entitled Rebecca Loos: My Story. She then tried her hand at hosting her own program on Dutch television, but that, predictably enough, fizzled after only a handful of airings.

rebecca loos on the farm

What didn't fizzle were Rebecca's revealing lingerie photos in Loaded, a popular men's magazine. This shoot, coupled by a Fall 2004 appearance on The Farm, a popular reality show, extended Rebecca's 15 minutes of fame.

In fact, it turned out that Rebecca's reports of lesbian affairs and text-sex messages weren't the most scandalous things she could do. On The Farm, she made headlines and grossed-out many a viewer by masturbating a pig to orgasm.

Loos next appeared on Extreme Celebrity Detox yet another reality series to feature lower-scale celebs doing silly things. This program sent Loos to Thailand to discover how she could get in control of her sexuality.

rebecca loos on the loose

The attention-hungry Rebecca next made headlines on Dream Team, a long-running British soap opera following the lives of soccer players on a fictional Premiere League squad. She appeared in a guest role as a sports psychologist and once again, tabloids drew parallels between the show and Loos' personal drama with Beckham.

A common sight at high-profile parties and movie premieres, Rebecca remains in the British spotlight thanks to her outspoken nature, occasional interviews and acting aspirations. Only time will tell if she is able to actually hang on to her celebrity.


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