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Sofia Vergara Biography

Sofia Margarita Vergara was born on July 10, 1972, in Barranquilla, Colombia. Though she’s always been blessed with the kind of looks that make men stop and stare, Sofia never gave any thought to pursuing a career within the entertainment industry. Sofia spent three years studying dentistry before she was spotted walking on a beach, and it wasn’t long before the exotic beauty was appearing in print and television advertisements. It was also around that time that Sofia got married and gave birth to her son, which made her decision to pursue a financially lucrative career as a model a veritable no-brainer.

sofia vergara in big trouble
While Sofia spent much of the late ‘90s working as a model, she slowly but surely started to branch out into more artistic waters. Sofia acted as a host or co-host on a series of Spanish-language programs, including Fuera de serie and A que no te atreves. Sofia’s burgeoning popularity among South American viewers eventually led her to start auditioning for Hollywood productions, and in 2002, she made her screen debut opposite such high-profile names as Tim Allen, Zooey Deschanel, and Stanley Tucci in the comedy Big Trouble. She followed that up with a starring role alongside Roselyn Sanchez and Nadine Velazquez in the saucy 2003 comedy Chasing Papi, and there was subsequently no denying that Sofia possessed a real gift for broad physical comedy.

sofia vergara in four brothers
Sofia’s reputation as a talented new comedienne escalated thanks to well-received appearances in 2004’s Soul Plane and an episode of the ABC sitcom Rodney. Determined to stretch herself as a performer, however, Sofia began trying out for roles in decidedly less hilarious fare, with her stint as Tyrese Gibson’s girlfriend in the John Singleton drama Four Brothers establishing her as more than just a funny face. Yet it was clear that Sofia’s strengths lay in the world of comedy, and in 2005, she took on a role in the short-lived ABC sitcom Hot Properties. While that show didn’t last for more than a handful of episodes, it did lead to a role in the Kevin James/Ray Romano comedy Grilled and also to a memorable one-shot appearance on the hit HBO program Entourage. Sofia has remained true to her Spanish-language roots, as evidenced by her stint on the South American version of Desperate Housewives (in which she plays the role of the ghostly narrator).

sofia vergara named no. 45 in's 2008 top 99
Though Sofia’s most recent stab at mainstream fame fell flat -- her sitcom, The Knights of Prosperity, was cancelled after 13 episodes -- there’s little doubt that she’s earned a permanent place for herself as one of Colombia’s sexiest imports. Her recent portrayal of a sultry seductress on the show Dirty Sexy Money has only cemented this feeling, and it’s not difficult to see why she’s managed to forge such a fruitful career for herself as an actress.


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