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Sonam Kapoor Biography

The year 1985 blessed actor Anil Kapoor and his wife Sunita Kapoor with their first child, a beautiful daughter – Sonam.

Though belonging to a family where an interest in cinema would not have been shocking for the youngster, as her uncles Boney (producer) and Sanjay (actor) are also part of the profession, Sonam grew up in a particularly “normal and disciplined” environment. Neither she nor her siblings, Rhea (20) and Harsh (17), were exposed any more to the film world then any child growing up in a non-“filmi” surrounding. Their mother, Sunita, was sure that her children would put their heart into their education and achieve great success academically. Growing up in the Kapoor household formed a memorable childhood for Sonam. Anil and Sunita gave their children the due independence, while at the same time maintaining an order in the house. Sonam, a trained classical Indian and Latino dancer, completed her high school years at the United World College Of East Asia in Singapore, where she studied Theatre Arts and Chinese History.

On her return from Singapore she decided to take a gap year, in which she realised that her favourite director (Sanjay Leela Bhansali) was starting on his new directorial venture. Then for perhaps the first time Sonam asked her father to take advantage of his place in the industry and get a good word in with Bhansali “Sir” so that she could assist him.

With no dreams of becoming an actress, it came as a shock to Sonam when her “Guru” Sanjay Bhansali and his mother, Leela, suggested to Sonam that she must take a dive into the profession at some point. Staying true to her name, which means ‘the fortunate one’, it wasn’t much later that Sonam bagged an opportunity of a lifetime and received an offer from Bhansali to debut under his directorial wand.

Today, at the young age of just 22 Anil Kapoor’s daughter has formed an identity of her own. Her down-to-earth and genuine personality has won her many fans across the globe, even before her debut film has hit the theatres. And what’s most beautiful is that even today she is prioritising her life beautifully and is continuing with her education via correspondence majoring in Economics and Political Science at Bombay University, making her parents even more proud. With Saawariya on the eve of releasing everyone has the hearts reserved for Sonam Kapoor. Expectations are sky high and there is no doubt that this girl is here to rock!


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