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Sophie Howard Biography

Sophie Howard was born on February 24, 1983, in Southport, England. Sophie spent her first few years as an adult at the university level while living in the United Kingdom. During this time, her eccentric ways were on display for a world of people to see -- or at least for the other students at the university. She became a proud vegetarian, eliminating red meat from her diet. She also continued her love affair with tattoos; her most notable of which being the three stars that run down her spine to the top of her derriere.

sophie howard in loaded
Sophie began her modeling career with Loaded magazine. “We love Sophie Howard. After all, we discovered her,” said After Loaded helped Sophie’s name recognition reach new heights, she signed with the International Model Management modeling agency.

sophie howard in daily star
When Sophie Howard met with Jeany Savage, a glamor photographer, it was the meeting that took her modeling career to the next level. Savage, who works with Daily Star, used Sophie for a Page 3 shoot, placing a topless, risque photo on the publication’s third page. Sophie ended up appearing in the Daily Star every week for a year.

Her efforts with the Daily Star led to a two-year contract with Loaded. In the agreement, she received her own photo shoot section on the magazine’s website, where she appeared in a new, eccentric photo shoot almost every month. She also wrote a relationship advice column for the magazine. She and her ample curves also made regular appearances in Maxim and Zoo Weekly.

sophie howard in fhm
In 2005, Sophie’s beauty and body was recognized by FHM, and she came in at No. 73 in the UK-FHM's 100 Sexiest Women 2005, while August 2005 saw her take the No. 1 spot in Loaded magazine's Most Beautiful Breasts poll. Sophie’s appeal kept growing as, in 2006, she moved up the ranks from No. 73 to No. 68 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women 2006.


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