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Sophie Monk Biography

Born in England and raised in Australia, Sophie Monk had dreams of becoming an opera singer before a reality show changed the course of her destiny. That show was the Australian version of Popstars, and when Sophie heard the program was auditioning members for an all-girl band in 1999, she put aside her classical ambitions and hopped in her car. Luckily, the show's judges liked what they saw and Sophie was invited to join the newly christened Bardot.

Thanks to Popstars' immense marketing push, the group's self-titled debut went multi-platinum and was followed by a successful sophomore effort that included catchy hits like "ASAP" and "I Need Somebody." After a couple of years of touring and hundreds of personal appearances, Bardot eventually decided to split in 2002.

Free to pursue her own interests, Sophie headed back into the studio to record her first solo single, "Inside Outside." That was followed by her successful debut solo album, Calendar Girl. According to Sophie, "The album is very much a representation of who I am, and I think that's why it has ended up being such an up-tempo bunch of songs... This is the kind of stuff that's cool for parties!"

Not content with being just a singing sensation, Sophie has recently begun a second career as an actress. In 2004, she played fellow blonde beauty Marilyn Monroe in the TV movie The Mystery of Natalie Wood and makes her big-screen debut in the 2006 films Click and Date Movie. Her role in Click has her understandably excited. "I play David Hasselhoff's secretary and she gets around a bit -- it's quite a role," she says. "I end up in bed with Adam Sandler, It's so surreal it's hysterical. This is the biggest thing I have ever done, there's no comparison."

In 2007 she appeared on the hit TV show Entourage. She also posed nude for a PETA campaign. The blonde bombshell was photographed naked in a bed of chili peppers with the tagline "Spice Up Your Life - Go Vegetarian" sprawled across her beautiful body. Are you now considering cutting meat out of your diet? If it means winning the affection of Sophie Monk, we'd give up just about anything!


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