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Silk Smitha Biography

Silk Smitha (December 2, 1960 – September 23, 1996) was a South Indian cinema actress. Even though Smitha appeared in some character roles, she became popular through her glamourous appearances in softcore films.
Born Vijayalakshimi, into a poor family in Eluru (in Andhra Pradesh), she left school after the fourth standard, determined to become a film star. Moving in with her aunt in Madras (then the centre of the South Indian film industry), she soon found a sponsor who renamed her Smitha. After garnering much notice and acclaim with her first major role, in the Tamil movie Vandi Chakkaram (The Wheel), in 1979, Smitha assumed the name "Silk," after her character's name in the movie. After close to ten years of celebrity (and notoriety), her success (and fortunes) began to wane. Following failed attempts at producing films that lost a lot of money, Smitha hung herself in 1996.

Silk Smitha went on to star in over 200 Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and a few Hindi films. Her dance numbers and her bold performances in films like Moondru Mugam have made her the ultimate symbol of sensuality in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu cinema. Her item numbers in films ike Amaran was also celebrated at the box office. Some film critics, historians and journalists have referred to her as a soft porn actress. One of her films - Layanam - has earned a cult status in the Indian adult film indistry, and was remade as Reshma ki Jawani. Her most respected film is Moondram Pirai, remade as Sadma


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