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Stacy Sanches Biography

Stacy grew up in Dallas, at about the age of 17 she wanted to model. So shr started out doing hardbody calendars and lots of bikini contests, as it was quick easy money. At the age of 19 she was in Hawaii on vacation and thought of entering a couple of bikini contests. Luckily a playboy scout was there and liked her looks and told her to try out for Playboy. Since he lived in Canada and there was no time to shoot before Stacy left so they exchanged phone numbers. Later she came to find out he was Ken Honey who founded Dorothy Stratten, Kimberly Conrad and many more. After returning back home and she sent him some sexy pictures she had taken and he loved them. He immediately sent them to Marilyn Gabrowski, who decided to fly Stacy out to L.A to test. She shot with Arny Freytag, the pictures came out great and was approved. Stacy flew back out for another two weeks, did her layout, video and everything else that comes with being a centerfold. March 95 was the best year for her! She worked very hard because like every girl she wanted Playmate of the year. The time was getting closer for them to choose. Her dream came true, she drove out to L.A. in December of '95 & immediately started shooting with Stephen Wayda. So from March 95 to Playmate of the year 96, her life totally changed from the good old dallas days. She traveled like crazy that year, then took some time off. She had been in a couple of movies and shot her calendar. Just recently shot a Smash Mouth video, the song is "Then the morning comes".


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