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Hot Amiee Rickards Spicy Images

In England, the Cockney accent is considered 'country,' but around these parts, DAMN, it's just hot. When Amiee opens her mouth, trust me, you'll want to listen. Born in the UK, she began modeling seriously at a very young age. People always think she's older than she is because she acts so mature, but also because she's intoxicatingly beautiful. Some women have the body, but there is no doubt Amiee has the whole package.

Typically reserved, Amiee is a hard worker, a team player and she knows what she wants out of life. Modeling is something she loves, and she's going for it. On top of that kind of focus, she is a bubbly, outgoing and happy person. She is proud of her ability to be a good friend to those she cares about. Making people happy is one of her main concerns in life.

Amiee cannot stand a liar, so honesty is one of the traits she looks for first in a man. As for sex ... she likes the idea of men fantasizing about her. So, take a long, hard look at Amiee and let your mind go wild.


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