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Hot Model Kajal Srivastava Sexy Photoshoot

The girdle of a salwar ripped when Kajal tried to wear it, an unexpected twist at the fashion show held at Sutlej Club June last year, a model refused to wear a “revealing” outfit fearing a wardrobe malfunction.

Kajal Srivastav said: “I had to decline to model that particular dress as I did not want to end up as another case of wardrobe malfunction. The girdle of the heavy salwar ripped when I tried to wear it. Although the designer asked me support the salwar with a pin, I didn't think the dress would have held.” “I think I did the right thing by not wearing that dress, even though the designer was incensed,” added Kajal.

Liza Varma, choreographer of the show, agreed with Kajal. “If there is the risk of a malfunction, it is better for the model to drop one dress from the list,” she said


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