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Lusty Actress Bhuvaneshwari Hot Photoshoot

Bhuvaneshwari- this girl with a Tamil name made her entry into the media world through modeling. She kept looking for movie and TV offers as she continued modeling. She got her break when Chozha Creations gave her a role in their TV serial 'Soubarnikaa'.

Bhuvaneshwari got her offers from Malayalam soft porn industry initially but being unaware of the intricacies of the industry had them turned down. Though she only accepted very conservative mode on small screen, she sheds her clothes and shows cleavages, crusts, troughs and all ups and downs in her without any hesitation when it comes to big screen.

Though she didn't get movie offers, her repute as a TV actress was flying high. When other actresses were hesitant about doing vamp roles in megaserials, Bhuvaneshwari was very forthcoming. Her gray eyes and her smart personality suited her roles. This gave her her first movie break. That was when she began to stumble, according to observers. The kind of fame and adulation that she earned in TV made her turn towards sex industry.

Bhuvaneshwari was then the most wanted for many among film circles and non-film circles as well. She was caught once in a police raid as well but was brought out with the bigger influence. Grapevine says that she is selling herself at Rs 15,000 per attempt. In fact, it is not the prostitution that is being carried by her for food and shelter. It is for big money and to quench bigger desires.

Bhuvaneshwari, then got her break with her controversial role in the film 'Boys' which was that of a prostitute getting her ample fans to survive in the industry both mainstream & Porn if she chose the later. She claims that her fans do not like her to come in item numbers but want her to do negative characters combined with glamour where she shines exposing her fleshy belly & cleavages etc


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