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Sexy Nicola McLean Biography

Gorgeous Nicola enjoyed five years on the nations favourite page and was rewarded for her consistent beauty in 2005 when she finished fourth in the 'Best Page 3 Girl Of All Time' poll, beating the likes of Jo Hicks, Sam Fox and even Jordan.

Like many of our girls, Nicola has used her Page 3 fame to get her foot in elsewhere and these days is just as much of a small screen star, including appearing in Help! I've Got A High Maintenance Wife, which followed her glamorous life as a WAG, model and mother of two-year-old son Rocky.

Nicola's latest TV outing was in WAG's World on the Wedding Channel, which gets up close and personal with Nicola and her Swansea FC beau, Tom Williams.

'It's a show all about WAGs and I can't wait for everyone to see it.

'It was really fun to make. The cameras follow me around to see just how fabulous my existence is.'

Modelling is Nicola's first love and she's recently enhanced her style with a massive 32G boob job!

No doubt, her army of fans will be smiling, but it's boyfriend Tommy who'll benefit the most:

'He doesn't have names for them but he says: 'They're mine!' At first he was a bit concerned about my boob op, but now he's like: 'I'm so glad you twisted my arm!''

And Nicola is keen to make her assets even bigger. 'I love my boobs. I want them to be huge.'

Looks like your dream has come true, Nicola.


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