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Sexy Sarita Stella in Bikini Looking Hot

Sarita Stella-Holland (born 31 July 1982) is an Australian promo model turned socialite. Sarita was raised in the northern outskirts of Melbourne and attended Holy Child Primary School in Dallas. As a model, she was featured in a Dodo internet ad. She has appeared on The Price is Right as a model who uses her physical assets to display prizes and products available on the show, usually wearing only a bikini. Stella and fellow former Price Is Right model Danielle Atkin joined forces to create a range of accessories called 'Secret Weapons'.

On October 9, 2008 Stella married former footballer Brodie Holland in Bali.

She appeared occasionally on Fox Footy's Living With Footballers in the 2002 series.

On 25 May 2006, Holland, Stella and a friend, Brooke Hawken, appeared in court after being charged with assault following an altercation outside a popular nightclub in Melbourne on 2 December 2005. The case was rescheduled several times.

On 7 May 2007 Stella was convicted and fined in the Melbourne Magistrates Court for her role in the assault.

On the 28th of September Sarita appeared on the Grand Final Footy Show Revue dressed in a schoolgirl outfit.


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