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Sizzling Hot Lauren Pope Sexiest Photoshoot

Lauren: “A lot of people have perceptions about me, probably because I used to get seen out a lot or because of my job, but my true friends know who I am.

“People like that are not worth bothering about, and remember, don't believe everything you hear or read!”

British glamour babe Lauren Pope was involved in a four way catfight outside top London nightclub 'The Funky Buddha' The fight involving herself and friend, fellow model Penny Cheshire against two other babes was caught on camera by paparazzi photographers assembled at the club celeb spotting.
Trouble began outside as the girls were leaving and attempting to get in a taxi with England soccer star Peter Crouch and another footballer. Two other clubbing babes Kat and Leily took exception shouting "“Oi, we were talking to them.”

A heated argument soon escalated into an all out brawl after Kat grabbed Lauren and pulled her to the pavement. In the process Lauren's top is alleged to have come off. Her friend Penny who had been sitting in a car quickly leapt to Lauren's aid and soon all four girls were fighting. Penny was dragged by the hair to the ground by Kat and had her top pulled down as the cameras flashed into action.

Kat mauled Penny on the pavement and her friend Leily joined in the action, both dishing out a pummelling to poor Penny. Lauren wanted no more of the action and neutral bystanders had to rescue Penny from the clutches of Kat who had tore clumps of her hair out aided by Leily.

Victorious Kat and Leily jumped in a cab and sped away with England Star Peter Crouch and his football pal leaving a topless, humiliated and bedraggled Penny and her friend Lauren to lick their wounds.


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