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South Hottie Tamanna Sexy Images

Ravishing, gorgeous and dreamy-eyed Tamanna is a South Indian model and actress. She started her film career at the age of thirteen and made her debut in the Hindi film ‘Chand Sa Roshan Chehra'. With her sprightly college-girl-looks and charming youthful face, Tamanna is a rage among youngsters in Kollywood and Tollywood. Endowed with a great talent and zest for acting, she is one of the young verves of the film industry.

The very headline is enough to make the male audience go mad and things appear even more insane when you would know that the person we are talking about happens to be the milk white beauty Tamannah. For now, the lucky audience happens to be the folks in Tamilnadu.

Apparently, Tamannah who has been oozing out glamour to the fullest when it came to the Tamil flicks has now arrived with a new movie 'Padikkathavan' with Rajinikanth's son-in-law Dhanush as the hero. In this, she has done few scenes with just a bath towel wrapped around her silky body. It is said that her towel dropped twice during the shooting of that scene but indeed her nakedness is protected by inner garments from the eyes of everyone at the sets and also camera.

As it is, Tamannah has been creating chaos out there in Kollywood and has been giving the queen bees like Trisha and Nayantara a run for their seat so analysts say that if 'Padikkathavan' turns out to be a success then Tamannah is surely the hottest cake in the tinsel town of Tamilnadu.

Tamanna would be a household name on everyone's lips in the year 2009. The cute actress has her hands full with a host of movies including 'Ayan' in which she co-stars Suriya, 'Padikkathavan' with Dhanush, 'Anandha Thandavam' with debutant Siddharth, 'Raja Rani' with Bharath and 'Paiyya' with Karthi.

Keeping in mind the fact that most actresses including Nayantara, Trisha and Shriya are not able to have a firm footing in the industry, Tamanna being sought after is nothing short of a benediction. Though not in the league of superstardom yet, the petite actress has all the making of being one in the coming months, provided at least two of her films go on to make the 100 day mark.

Tamanna in an exclusive interview to Indiaglitz recently said 'as far as choosing characters are concerned, I try to keep a mixed bag going while donning a variety of personalities. I try to play my characters as honestly as I can'.

'I've always looked up to Madhuri Dixit for inspiration' declares Tamanna. Now that she has the opportunity to showcase her talents in a big way, the actress would definitely need all the inspiration she can get.

Despite being sough after not just in the Tamil film industry but also in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh, Tamanna has a dream and that is to work in a Gautham Menon film.

'Our Indian cinema has a framework. I would like to be close to it and bring out the believability factor with my portrayal' says Tamanna. With analysis of this kind, Tamanna sure seems to know her priorities right....something that will stand in good stead in her pursuit for superstardom.

There is also a piece of good news for this actress who started her career with Balaji Sakthivel's 'Kallori'. Even mighty popular actresses are not able to retain their successes due to bad choices of films. The intellect that Tamanna shows might just work wonders for a career that has the potential to blossom big time.

2009 surely belongs to Tamanna....let's see if she has it in her to strategize her career to absolute superstardom.


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